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Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar

Pure organic coconut blossom sugar is obtained from the juice of the coconut blossom. The flowers are cut and the juice is collected. The juice obtained is heated until it becomes a syrup and then a crystalline consistency is acquired. Once the mass has cooled down, it is ground into coconut blossom sugar. Coconut blossom sugar has a fine sweetness similar to brown sugar, but with a delicate caramel flavour. However, the taste of coconut cannot be found here.

Organic Raw Cane Sugar

Organic raw cane sugar is obtained from crystallised sugar cane juice. Sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum) belongs to the plant family of grasses (Gramineae).
The sugar cane is pressed and the juice is thickened. Sugar crystals are then added to the sugar cane syrup. The brown sugar crystals are washed and centrifuged. Some of the molasses is retained, however, so that the raw cane sugar has a light, slightly brownish colour.

Organic Whole Cane Sugar

Organic whole cane sugar consists of dried, ground sugar cane juice and has a brown colour. The pressed juice is first filtered and then boiled down to syrup.
The thickened syrup is then dried and ground. No chemical or physical refining takes place. Due to the gentle processing, the sugar contains all the minerals of the sugar cane juice and has a strong, characteristic taste.