CARE Naturkost – because we care.

Organic Apple Products

At Care Naturkost, we ensure that traditional processing methods are combined with modern technology to create pure mother juices, velvety purees and concentrated essences from carefully selected, organically grown apples. Our aim is to preserve the authentic taste and natural ingredients of the apples at every stage of production. By gently processing our apples, we guarantee that the full freshness and aroma of the fruit is retained in our end products, making them particularly tasty and naturally sweet, without any additives.

Our juices are 100% pure fruit. After the pressing process, the juice is aseptically packaged directly to preserve it gently without adding sugar. As a result, our juice contains only the natural fructose of the apples. There is no room for preservatives, artificial flavors or similar additives in our production process.

Organic Apple Juice Concentrate
Organic Apple Puree Concentrate
Organic Apple Puree
Organic Apple Juice NFC

Organic Apricot Products

Our apricot products are naturally made from organically grown fruit. After harvesting, the apricots are carefully processed to produce juices and concentrates. We use cold-pressed extraction to preserve the taste and nutrients. The products are pasteurized and retain the natural color of the fruit. The result is products that are free from additives and reflect the natural taste of the apricots.

Organic Apricot Juice Concentrate
Organic Apricot Puree Concentrate
Organic Apricot Puree
Organic Apricot Juice NFC

Organic Pomegranate Products

We focus exclusively on high-quality pomegranate products from organic cultivation. Our cultivation partners in Turkey guarantee the quality of the pomegranates, which are known for their antioxidant properties. By hand-picking and cold-pressed processing, we preserve the essential nutrients and natural taste of the fruit.

The production techniques used allow us to produce a pomegranate juice without artificial additives, sugar or preservatives. The aim is to produce a pure direct juice that is rich in natural ingredients, using approximately 10-12 pomegranates for one liter of juice. This ensures that our juice is not only pure, but also rich in nutrients.

Organic Pomegranate Juice Concentrate
Organic Pomegranate Puree Concentrate
Organic Pomegranate Puree
Organic Pomegranate Juice NFC

Organic Cherry Products

Our cherry products are made with the same dedication and care that you have come to expect from us. We obtain our high-quality juices and concentrates from hand-picked, organically grown sweet and sour cherries through gentle processing. We attach great importance to preserving the natural aromas and nutrients of the cherries so that each product has the unmistakable, rich taste of the fruit. Our cherry products stand for pure quality without artificial additives, characterized by an intense fruit experience. 

Organic sour/sweet Cherry Juice Concentrate
Organic sour/sweet Cherry Puree Concentrate
Organic sour/sweet Cherry Puree
Organic sour/sweet Cherry Juice NFC