CARE Naturkost – because we care.

Consistent organic quality and sustainability


If it says organic on it, there must be organic in it!

Thanks to our decades of experience as one of the pioneers in the organic import market, we know where to find and procure your desired organic product.

The first-class quality of our raw materials and our high quality standards of service, flexibility and reliability are the prerequisites for our tailor-made and customer-oriented actions. Providing our customers with personal consultations is a matter of course for us. We deliver on time and at market prices, so that you can plan and operate optimally!

We at CARE Naturkost attach great importance to excellent quality – for us, this also means that the ecological framework conditions must be right. Checking and respecting them is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

Our employees regularly visit our suppliers. These visits give us the opportunity to personally gain a reliable picture of our suppliers, their operations and working methods. These personal, long-term contacts are a valuable addition to our certifications.

We purchase our products exclusively from manufacturers and farmers who have been certified according to European organic guidelines. Many are additionally certified according to the American NOP guidelines and/or have Swiss BioSuisse recognition and/or certification according to Naturland and Fairtrade guidelines.


Organic food has always been more than organic

We at CARE Naturkost see ourselves as an organisation in which social responsibility, trust, particularly good, high product quality, environmental protection and health form the basis of our economic activities.

Ecological and social aspects are elementary criteria here. In order to ensure our high quality standards, the “how” in production is of paramount importance. The production of palm oil, for example, must always be ecologically, economically and socially acceptable for the respective countries in order to stop deforestation in the producing countries.

In recent years, various certification systems have been developed to make the cultivation of oil palms more sustainable and to document this with a certificate. The RSPO has taken on a leading role here in order to guarantee responsible management.

Through consistent transparency and fully documented traceability, for example, we can prove that we obtain our oils from legal sources.

Organic oil palm is a good alternative in view of the rapid growth of the world’s population and the associated economic growth of consumer countries, which is coupled with a steadily increasing demand for food. It could be used to sustainably meet future demand for vegetable oils.

For us, sustainable and ecological management means leaving our children and grandchildren with an intact ecological, social and economic world.

Because organic is a matter of trust.