organic quality.

We acquire our products exclusively from producers and farmers who have been certified according to the European Organic Guidelines. Many of these have also been approved by American NOP guidelines and/or Swiss bud label requirements. In addition to international certification, our employees ensure that these guidelines are adhered to onsite. We also check that social standards such as the prohibition of child labour and fair remuneration are strictly adhered to.

We at CARE have understood from the very beginning that lasting product quality can only be guaranteed if the producers can rely on our competent presence. For this reason, we attach much importance to our purchasing policy, and to advising and supporting the farmers in the countries of production in order to support them in implementing our quality and sustainability criteria.

In addition to the first class quality of our natural ingredients, our quality standards are also applied service, flexibility and reliability. Consultation with our customers takes priority over selling our products. Thanks to decades worth of experience as on of the pioneers in the organic imports market, we know where to locate and acquire your desired products. And we do this on schedule and at prices in line with the market so that you can plan and economise optimally!