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Oils and fats

CARE Naturkost has decades of experience in the field of oils and fats.

In 1993 we became the first company in the world to import palm butter into Europe from Brazil. What in those days fit into a few barrels is now transported in modern tank ships directly to our site in Holland, where it is processed. Palm butter and palm oil products are one of the focuses or our range:

Furthermore we are running our own Project in the Philippines, as a part of which we initiated the organic cultivation of coconut palms. We import coconut oil and extra virgin coconut oil from there to Europe and the USA. Our own employees train and advise the small-holders on location and ensure the continual improvement of their living conditions.

Coconut oil ยท extra virgin coconut oil

In addition to palm butter and coconut oil, we can offer you a whole range of cold-pressed oils. Our financial investment in an oil mill that only presses 100 % organic oils guarantees us direct access to premium quality oils.

Nut and special oils

All of our cold-pressed oils are of course also available as cold-pressed raw ingredients. Packaging ranges from 250 ml bottles to entire tanker lorries full; ISO- or flexi-tanks for export.

We also offer blends of different oils, as you require, suitable for various different uses.